Welfare & Discipline

The Dean of Students is responsible for the welfare and discipline of students. The Dean works in close collaboration with the Students Representative Council and the Amalgamated Clubs.

A student, who violates any University regulations, shall be reported to the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students shall cause an investigation into the matter. The report of the investigation with recommendation, shall be submitted to the Registrar.

Any student who does not observe the rules and regulations or commits any act subversive of discipline or good order or tending to bring discredit upon the University, or neglects his duties, may be punished by warning or reprimand or withholding of results of examination or situation or outright dismissal. Sanctions which involve temporary or permanent removal from the University shall be implemented only with the concurrence of the Registrar.

Counselling services are available at all departments. Any complaints on academic matters can be lodged at the Office of the Coordinator or Head of Department for redress. Students requiring spiritual counselling can contact their Pastors or Imams outside the College where necessary. For any other issues, students can contact the Dean of Students, through the SRC and its affiliates.

Any Junior Member who is aggrieved by any disciplinary sanction may appeal to the Registrar through the Dean of Students for a review within 7 days of the notification to him/her of the sanction imposed on him/her. The Registrar, on receipt of a report from the appropriate source, may request a review of the sanctions so imposed. When carrying out a review, the Registrar may act on the advice of a body or committee on which students' interest are represented.