Undergraduate Programmes

Zenith University College offers a range of undergraduate Bachelor’s degree programs aimed at preparing students for careers in Business, Law, and IT. The University College also offers Diploma Certifications in Law, and Business Administration.
Below are the various Schools, Faculties and Departments currently on offer:


As a centre for Professional and Academic Excellence, Zenith University College seeks to empower the growth of African Businesses and organizations by providing a versatile business tuition that asserts the basics of business, the branches of Management, the value of leadership, as well as possible trends that are constantly reshaping the business world.
The goal is to cultivate people who can think across traditional boundaries; advance world-class human resources and capabilities in order to meet national development needs, technological evolution and an increasingly global economy.

Zenith’s School of Business offers Degree and Diploma programs in the following electives: Human Resource Management, Accounting, Financial Management, Tourism Management, Hospitality Management, Marketing, and Business Management



Zenith University College aims to develop critical awareness by educating Legal scholars on their rights and duties in the society. The Faculty is directed towards producing excellent and knowledgeable lawyers who are fit in learning and character so as to attain eminent positions in industry as barristers or solicitors; as well as their academic and political interests in the nature and function of law.  We are best known for our long tradition of excellence, providing students with cutting edge, up-to-date instructions, emphasizing and ensuring high quality pedagogical methods. We offer Bachelors and Diploma Programs for the following:



The magnitude of any company’s competitive advantage is embedded mostly in its ability to adapt to changes in the economy; second to this is its efficient use of information, through its proficiency in information technology. Zenith University College aims to merge concrete business adeptness with acumen on information systems.
The Institution offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Systems; training students who are able to influence business and organizational strategy through deep understanding of information technology use. This interdisciplinary program trains people who are uniquely empowered to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.