Zenith University College (ZUC) meets the needs of its students, and lecturers by providing a fully stocked and conducive environment in which learning, research and development can be made. The library is the heart and soul of the school. ZUC has made available two libraries, with over 17,000 books excluding dictionaries, references, encyclopedias and journals in the Main library, and 1,219 printed items in the Departmental Library designated to Law students in Zenith University College.

The Main Library of Zenith University College is situated in the third floor of the Administrative Block and is open from the hours of 8:30am to 8pm (5pm during holidays) from Monday to Friday. The Library is managed by Mr. Adodo Tsikata (Head Librarian), alongside his capable and competent team of five. The Departmental Library is stationed on the third floor of the BBA block and is designated to Law Students; it is open from the hours of 8:30am to 5pm from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. The Departmental Library is managed by Miss Ayishetu Amidu (Librarian), she oversees the activities of the library while working alongside Mr. Adodo Tsikata. Zenith University College in addition to these provides a 24 hour free Wi-Fi service to all registered students to aid their research when the library's exclusive operation time has completed.

Walk through our fully stocked shelves and listen as those books pull you in; with an environment so serene, beating hearts yearning for knowledge can be heard. Our shielded tables give you the much needed privacy and concentration needed to complete each task. The Zenith University College Librarians are on standby to provide assistance in uncovering secrets hidden within each book, they keep track of the books leaving and coming into the library. Cards are allocated to students with their details collected in cases where the books are needed for after-library-hours study. 

Being the heart and soul of Zenith University College, the Library holds an important position and should be held in high esteem. It is constituted by Codes and Conducts which patrons must adhere to, to avoid the suspension of their future privileges. As such, it is required of users to respect each other and what the library stands for to make it a better place for serious study, research as well as development. The purpose of these guidelines is to safeguard the common interest of all library users. It is of utmost importance that they are duly regarded. These conducts include:

  1. The ZUC Library represents serenity; a world set aside from the ‘hustling and bustling’ outside its walls and as such, Noise is highly prohibited. We wish to embrace our users with a calmness that is rare and almost inexistent outside and in light of this, we indulge Patrons to desist from noise making when in the library.
  2. To further emphasize our need for quietness it is advisable that users turn all mobile phones off. Disrupting the peace and quiet of another through calls or music will not be tolerated.
  3. The ZUC Library is strictly a NO SMOKING zone. Patrons must adhere to this rule and maintain the prestige that the Library holds in esteem.
  4. Users of the Library should endeavor to leave bags right outside in the security stand.
  5. Cases related to theft and vandalism of Library properties will not be tolerated and will attract extreme consequences as deemed suitable by the Librarian.
  6. Materials in ‘Reserve’ can only be used inside the Library and must not be taken out of the Library. Patrons in need of these materials are required to present and leave their ID cards at the circulation counter. Upon return of ‘Reserve’ materials, collected ID cards will be returned.
  7. Reference documents such as Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Journals, Annual Publications, etc. can only be viewed within the Library.
  8. Students are responsible for borrowed books and would be held personally liable for damages caused. Borrowers are also required to return books on or before the period specified by the Librarian. Failure to do so would result in a two Ghana Cedis charge for each day books are not returned.
  9. Food and drinks are banned from the Library. We aim to maintain an environment that is clean and comfortable.

The Libraries offer a collection of books ranging from inspirational, motivational, edifying and mostly educative; touching every area of one’s life, leaving you enriched and equipped to take on the world. Zenith’s library is indeed an embodiment of the slogan “knowledge is Power”. It contains books including Business Statistics and Mathematics, General Health, ACCA, Corporate Finance, History, CIMA, Accounting, Money and Banking, Operations Management, Law, and so much more emanating from the institution’s belief in producing a versatile and polymath people.
The institution’s library can best be described as an achiever’s heaven! For contained therein is the overwhelming awareness that great destinies have walked through its hall; the lives it enriched, the degrees it inspired, the goals it has helped attain, and the futures it has shaped. The ZUC library is a place you definitely want to be. The beauty of Zenith University College’s library is not only evidenced in its appearance. The beauty of it lies in those books, hidden, waiting to be uncovered.  In the shelves, and tables, and chairs; knowing that where you now sit, a champion once sat.